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We cannot disclose who our writers are for one simple reason. The skills you learn from this site come straight from the source of real-world senior engineers in a multitude of industry-leading roles. All engineers who write articles on this site have a serious passion for education and leading the next generation of tech innovators.

Elite Code Academy is a community of Master’s degree and Ph.D. holders with a passion for development. Bloggers on this site are senior engineers at Fortune 100 companies with over 10 years of experience, each in DevOPS, software engineering, enterprise architecture design, and cloud engineering. This blog aims to provide FREE information on all things we specialize in. Education should be free, and we are here to provide it. How is it free? We are supported by Ads and sponsored by Elite Hosting USA! Please note that our bloggers will remain anonymous to protect the organizations they work for.

We blog tech tips, tricks, and walkthroughs that you can use to improve your skills and learn career-changing abilities and business-defining technologies.

Our mission is to positively impact the tech community by providing meaningful education in the hands of consumers for the affordable price of FREE.

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